Britain wants to build Smart Cities with India

11-Sep-2015 #Digital India Source: India Inc

Britain has backed up its offer to help India in its ambitious plans to create smart cities across the country with specific target areas.

Lord Francis Maude, the minister of state for trade and Investment who is in India this week, launched a report that brought together the very best of what the UK has to offer in delivering smart cities.

India’s Smart Cities Programme – The UK offer to build together’ was commissioned by UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) India from Ernst &Young to scope out the potential opportunities for both UK and Indian companies vis-à-vis Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambition of building 100 smart cities in India.

Lord Maude said: “As India embarks on its ambition to build 100 smart cities, the UK hopes to be an invaluable partner.  We look forward to sharing our expertise in building smart cities with India.  We take this opportunity very seriously and this report by UKTI scopes the opportunities where Britain can best support India’s aspirations.”

The report analyses the strengths that UK companies have to offer India in delivering its ambitious smart cities programme.

It states: “India has an ambition to create 100 new smart cities, and the UK can help. UK companies need to demonstrate to India that they understand Indian needs and have strengths to offer, and present the opportunities clearly to Indian partners or the Indian authorities to get them interested.

“Based on an analysis of UK strengths against the current skills gap in Indian smart cities,.. there are significant opportunities for UK companies to engage in the Indian Smart City market.”

The report identifies several areas where the UK’s expertise would be useful to India, including physical (infrastructure including mass transport, water, waste management, built environment), digital (ICT, data, software, analytics and smart metering), commercial (professional services, regulatory standards, financing and legal), and social (Municipal services, community-led designs and services, e-governance, healthcare), in line with the four pillars mentioned in the government of India’s draft framework for Smart Cities.

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