Digital India: A wider socioeconomic impact

04-Dec-2014 #Digital India Source: India Inc
digital india india inc, narendra modi

by Ashok Malik

In many senses, the Digital India initiative will become a barometer by which to judge the success or failure of the Narendra Modi government in the coming five years. In its design and its individual strands, the programme has the potential to provide jobs that young Indians need, to provide connectivity that a national economic system needs, and to provide the technological tools that a modernising society needs.

One million Indians enter the workforce each month. Admittedly not all of them can get cutting-edge jobs, but either manufacturing jobs or services-sector jobs flowing from the impact of a robust manufacturing economy have to be found for as many of them as possible. Electronics hardware comprises India’s second largest import after crude oil. In the past quarter century, the country has focused on software but not hardware. As a result it is not part of global and Asian supply chains that go in and out of so many regional countries, including China and the ASEAN members. Digital India, with its stress on making India a manufacturing base, hopes to change that.

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