Getting smart about Smart Cities

13-Oct-2014 #Digital India Source: India Inc

The Narendra Modi government’s plan to build 100 smart cities across India can’t be faulted in principle. But the government has yet to come out with specifics, so any comments about the proposal have to be, per force, general in nature. But a few pointers already exist on the way forward.

But first, let us put the caveats on the table. There is no precise definition of what makes a city smart. The generally accepted description is of a city that is well planned, energy efficient, effluent-neutral, ecologically sustainable and backed by a technological/information technology backbone that feeds the city authorities with real time information on, say, electricity consumption in various pockets so that power can be evacuated from energy surplus areas to ones facing a deficiency for optimal utilization of resources. The same can be replicated for gas consumption, garbage disposal, traffic management and other civic amenities.

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