India gets ready for public wi-fi

12-Apr-2016 #Digital India Source: India Inc

As the concept of public wi-fi catches on in India, the government has decided to set out clearly defined rules around its use.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) plans to issue a consultation paper which will lay out prospects of a special, dedicated “payment gateway” aimed at ease of access for such wi-fi use.

Telecom firms like Vodafone, Reliance Comm. and Reliance Jio have announced plans to launch public wi-fi across India, prompting TRAI’s move to regulate the market.

TRAI chairman R.S. Sharma said: “We will soon float the consultation which will try to find ways in which both the user of public wi-fi and providers are able to benefit.”

TRAI is also creating a blueprint to implement wider wi-fi access points and hopes its consultation paper will also incentivise tech entrepreneurs to come up with innovative distribution plans across the country.

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