India uses tech to overcome challenges

15-Dec-2016 #Digital India Source: India Inc

Mehul Kapadia is the vice-president of Tata Communications and managing director in charge of the Formula One Business of the firm. F1, one of the most technologically advanced sports in the world, holds races across five continents and 21 countries. Here the Tata Comms chief explains why they chose the Indian tech giant and how the year 2016 has been a good one.

How is Tata Communications working with F1 as the Official Connectivity Provider?

We started with Formula 1 in 2012 so this is our fifth year of relationship with them. F1 is a fantastic global sport, goes to emerging markets, cutting edge of technology, with new things happening across the board – whether it is getting the car go faster or improving fan experience.

From Tata Communications standpoint, we thought that this was a brilliant capability showcase for us.

For Formula One management, the company that Bernie Ecclestone runs, we provide a whole layer of services. From connectivity services from all the race tracks back into their offices in the UK. All the locations are connected by us.

On top of that, we give them a lot of manage hosting and data centre services to host the right infrastructure. What that package allows them to do is very efficiently transport voice data video seamlessly from the racetrack back to any part of the world.

It also helps with a lot of remote operations. They are using 335 times of what they were using when we came into the sport. The scale of growth has been phenomenal. They have started doing remote operations from the UK. Login/Sign up to read more

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