Microsoft CEO sets Digital India cloud goal

30-Apr-2015 #Digital India Source: India Inc

Satya Nadella has plugged into the Digital India vision by setting sights on the cloud computing segment in the Indian market.

The Microsoft CEO says the company’s goal is to increase its cloud business from $6.3 billion to $20 billion by 2018.

Addressing the ‘2015 Microsoft Financial Analyst Briefing’ in San Francisco, he highlighted India as among the key markets for this vision.

Nadella said: “It was hard selling softwares. But now with cloud, we have real opportunity in India. That definitely is the transformative thing. And of course by design, it has anti-piracy built into it, which also is very helpful.”

The world’s largest software company is one of the leaders in cloud, essentially providing computing power and storage to customers through its network of data centres.

He added: “That’s the cloud that we want to build. It’s leading with some of our SaaS applications and having the IaaS, PaaS capability and our servers, which are the edge of our cloud. That’s our vision. That’s why we believe that we get to participate in future growth.

“Qualitatively, the way I describe the world that we live in and what it will be in the next five years is this mobile-first, cloud-first world.”

Cloud computing is an Internet-based module where different services, such as servers, storage and applications, are delivered to an organisation’s computers and devices through the Internet.

With the Narendra Modi led government’s ambitious Digital India initiative aimed at hiking the country’s internet connectivity levels, all major providers are keen to grab a slice of the massive cloud potential in India.

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