Netflix to produce content for India

08-Feb-2016 #Digital India Source: India Inc

Netflix Inc. is eager to produce local content in India after entering the market last month as part of a global expansion to more than 100 countries.

Netflix is gathering viewing habits of its Indian viewers and will make future decisions accordingly.

Jonathan Friedland, chief communications officer of Netflix, said: “It is the size of the market that makes India attractive. India is our top market in Asia in terms of growth potential. Japan and Korea follow.

“We have a small amount of Indian content as of now. We will grow this as we go along. Creating original content in India is also part of our plan. But it will not be masala content. That is not what people use Netflix for.”

The video streaming giant will meanwhile try to acquire streaming rights to movies across Indian languages.

Netflix has earmarked a global budget of $5 billion for content creation and acquisition for the January-December 2016 period.

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