Other nations could benefit from India’s digital transformation

30-Dec-2016 #Digital India Source: India Inc

Governance systems developed ground-up in India can be replicated in other places in the world.

Over the last two centuries, India has adopted, or been forced to adopt, standards and systems imported from the West and imposed, except in some cases, from above. So, India’s judicial system is a copy of the British legal system, its education system is a product of Lord Macaulay’s disdain for all things Indian, its link language is also a gift from the former colonial masters and the Westminster model of democracy that India follows is a close replica of the British parliamentary system.

Some of these systems have served India well but many have not… but that is a topic for another forum another day. The bottom-line is that Independent India has failed to pay sufficient attention to developing indigenous systems that are more suited to its developing economy and cultural underpinnings.

So, for Indians it is becoming a matter of great pride and a bit of a curiosity that the world is now sitting up, taking notice and even adopting tools of development that were conceived in India and rolled out with great success.

The World Bank is planning to launch a pilot scheme for the rollout of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pet scheme, the Jan Dhan Yojana (a financial inclusion scheme to provide every Indian family with a bank account; about 260 million new accounts were opened), in Africa. Login/Sign up to Read more…

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